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Our Story

We are named for the ‘Beautiful Words’ found in stories that inspire and connect us.


We strive to build communities of passionate readers who read, reflect, and connect with the stories they read and the people around them.


Happiness, to us, is talking about books - sharing ‘Beautiful Words’ among friends.

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Our book club sparked joy but we felt some of our conversations fell flat. The questions provided in the back of the books were not helping us get there. They were too detailed, too specific - we wanted more from our discussions.  We wanted each conversation to build on the next.

We began crafting and curating questions that would work for any book. We created questions that sparked our thinking in a way that hit on the big picture and got us 'connecting the dots' within and across the books we were discussing. We also thought..."What good are the questions if they aren't at our fingertips?"

From there, the idea for the Beautiful Words bookmark was born! 

As we used the bookmark, we began to internalize the questions and develop a sophisticated yet familiar way to engage with books. We saw the benefits. 

Reading just got better! 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, when our lives slowed down and our reading picked up, we decided that it was time to turn our passion project into a for-profit social enterprise. Beautiful Words is the first bookmark company to carefully craft and curate questions that facilitate meaningful reflection and conversations about books. 

We believe in the power of words and stories - one book, one reader, one community at a time.

Meet the Beautiful Words Team!  

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Deanna Fougere

In my free time, I enjoy participating in book clubs and sharing ‘beautiful words’ among friends.


Kate Hahn

'Beautiful Words' unites many of my passions - reading books, giving back to the community, and fostering a life-long love of reading.


Beth Hanes

‘Beautiful Words’ has allowed me to explore my love of reading and think deeply about the words that matter.

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