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Are you wondering what to read next? Well fret no more because our BW team has your back! Browse our team’s favourite reads, by genre, to pick your next book! 

Are you wondering what to read next? Well fret no more because our BW team has your back! Browse our team's favourite reads (by genre) to pick your next book!

This is Us


Deanna Fougere

Absolute Favourite Genres: Literary Fiction; Non-Fiction; Poetry


5 Characters to Invite to Dinner: Circe (Circe), Galadriel (Lord of the Rings), Morpheus (The Matrix), Pi Patel (Life of Pi), The Alchemist (The Alchemist)


I Get My Book Recommendations From: Book clubs, friends, deep dives on the internet, browsing the shelves in bookstores, and GoodReads 


My Favourite Reading Spots: Snuggled up with my kids, cozy on the bed with my cat, Plato, or outside in the shade.


Beautiful Words: “But in a solitary life, there are rare moments when another soul dips near yours, as stars once a year brush the earth.” –Circe, Madeline Miller


Kate Hahn

Absolute Favourite Genres: Literary Fiction; Historical Fiction; YA; Beach Reads


The Best Series, Book & TV: Harry Potter  |  Normal People & This is Us


If I’m Not Reading, I’m: painting, playing golf, trying to exercise, and chasing my active children all over the place


The Books I Recommend to Everyone:

The Book Thief - Markus Zusak | The Great Alone - Kristin Hannah | The Kite Runner - Kahled Housseini | Brother - David Chariandy | Circe - Madeline Miller | This is How it Always Is - Laurie Frankel


Beautiful Words: “‘Just because it’s made up, doesn’t mean it isn’t real,’ said Penn. ‘Made up is the most powerful real there is.’” - This Is How It Always Is, Laurie Frankel


Beth Hanes

Absolute Favourite Genres: Historical Fiction; Mystery; Literary Fiction; Can-lit


The Authors I Recommend to Everyone: Alice Hoffman, Barbara Kingsolver, Margaret Atwood & Kristin Hannah


5 Characters I’d Invite to Dinner: Vianne Rocher (Chocolat), Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter), June (Handmaid’s Tale), Queenie (Queenie) & Ana (The Book of Longings)


The Best Way to Read:  Audiobook all the way! The busier life gets the more I rely on audiobooks.


Beautiful Words: 

“’When I tell you all shall be well, I don’t mean that life won’t bring you tragedy. Life will be life. I only mean you will be well in spite of it. All shall be well, no matter what.’” – The Book of Longings, Sue Monk Kidd

Our Team Picks

New & Hot

Here are some of our most anticipated “to-be-read” books. What hot-off the press books are you
hoping to read next?



These are some of our favourite books that pack a punch with their literary style, beautiful storytelling, and unique characters. Which one will be your new favourite? 



For readers who want to kick back and relax with a quick, enjoyable read. For our Beach Reads we typically love a good romance, mystery or thriller!

Young Adult


The best YA books are the ones that transcend age! These books are recommended for readers who especially love a good coming of age story.



These books are full of delightful tales that take kids on adventures, introduce them to life-long friends, and provide insights into new worlds. Enjoy the journey!