Kids' Book Banter

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There's nothing better than hearing kids talk about books and helping them discover the imaginary worlds found in stories. 

We created our Beautiful Words Kids' Book Banter bookmark to encourage kids to have fun talking about books while putting them on the path to become lifelong readers. 

Spark kids' love of reading by having kids banter about books!

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Kids' Book Picks

Brady Brady All Star Hockey Collection

My favourite moment is when Mr. Luddy gets cranky with Brady and his friend when they kick the ball in his vegetable patch.
- Ben, Age 4


I just started this book. I fell in love with the dog, Winn-Dixie, right away because he wins over Opal's heart with his big, silly dog smile.
- Dallas, Age 8

And Then It Happened

The character that drives me nuts is Gordon because he doesn't know when to stop and gets his friends into trouble too many times.
- Jackson, Age 10

Eerie Elementary: The School is Alive

My favourite moment is when the chair monster comes up out of the stage floor! It has hundreds of giant teeth!
- Cobi, Age 6

Diary of a Pug: Pug Blasts OFF

I'd love to be friends with Bella and Bubs because they build an invention to help each other out. It's pretty cool!
- Ella, Age 8

Panic in Pittsburgh

I was really surprised when Trevor, a player on the Screech Owl hockey team, got a concussion during a game and the player from the other team sent him a letter to see if he was ok. That's good sportsmanship!
- Max, Age 10


I love the wacky words "whizz popping", "snozzcumbers", and "crodsquinkled". The BFG makes me laugh!
- Xander, Age 7

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

I feel empathy for the house elves because they were treated like slaves by their masters. I think it's unfair.
- Victor, Age 9

Empire of Storms

An unexpected twist is when it is revealed that the main character must die in order to save the world.
- Ashley, Age 15