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What's better than reading a really good book? Reading a really good book and getting to discuss it with your book besties! Reading and talking about fiction allows us to share beautiful words and the connections we made with the book and each other.


For our monthly book club, we created our Beautiful Words Book Banter bookmark to guide our conversations, so that we have a sophisticated yet familiar way to engage with books. 

Beautiful Words Book ClUB PICKS

Maida's Pick: October 2021

Kate's Pick: July 2021

Deanna's Pick: March 2021

Beth's Pick: November 2020

Lauren's Pick: May 2020

Deanna's Pick: January 2020

Kate's Pick: May 2019

Lauren's Pick: September 2018

Deanna's Pick: September 2021

Beth's Pick: June 2021

Lauren's Pick: February 2021

Maida's Pick: September 2020

Beth's Pick: March 2020

Lauren's Pick: November 2019

Deanna's Pick: March 2019

Lauren's Pick: August 2021

Maida's Pick: April 2021

Kate's Pick: December 2020

Deanna's Pick: June 2020

Kate's Pick: February 2020

Maida's Pick: September 2019

Maida's Pick: November 2018