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We believe that everyone has a right to be literate. As colleagues who have a penchant for education, good books, and lively conversation, Beautiful Words is a natural fit connecting our passions with purpose.


For every bookmark sold, we donate 10% to the WindsorEssex Community Foundation to support literacy in our community. That's right, your purchases are helping make an impact!

As a social enterprise, our goal is to get more books in the hands of readers. We connect with local organizations and give back to our community.  We have joined forces with non-profit organisations to provide resources, programming, and financial contributions as a way to encourage, support and promote reading and literacy within vulnerable populations. 

Together with the WECF, we have created the Beautiful Words Endowment Fund to grow our donations and support literacy programs within the community. Our fund will support programs like the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Read & Connect Book Club and other literacy charities and organizations in Windsor-Essex.

Thank you to WindsorEssex Community Foundation for working with us to help us make a difference in our community. 

Thank YOU for helping us grow our social impact story!

To donate to the Beautiful Words Literacy Endowment Fund:

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10% of the proceeds from each bookmark sold goes to the WIndsorEssex Community Foundation to support literacy. 


We purchase books for kids' book programs. 


We donate Book Banter bookmarks to schools and libraries.


We coach non-profit organizations on how to lead book talks

and book clubs. 


We curate book lists for organizations looking to start a book club program.

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Big Brothers Big Sisters


Beautiful Words


Read & Re-Connect Book Club

Bigs & Littles matches are connecting virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic  with great books curated by us! 

This program provides books and Kids' Book Banter bookmarks so Bigs & Littles can read and discuss together.

How fun is that?

Thanks to Bilblioasis Bookshop for providing books at a discount for this program.

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Focused silent reading - even ten minutes more a day - has the potential to change a child’s academic life. 

Beers, K. & Probst, R.E. (2017). Disrupting Thinking: Why How We Read Matters. New York: NY: Scholastic Inc.

Funded by


This project is part of the

Investment Readiness Program

Investment Readiness Program

This initiative is made possible through a grant from the WindsorEssex Community Foundation.


We believe in the power of words and stories - one book, one reader, one community at a time. 

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in Canada 

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10% of the proceeds go to the WindsorEssex Community Foundation to support literacy  

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We believe in the power of words and stories - one book, one reader, one community at a time.   

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