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Book Club Reflections
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If you like historical fiction and following the lives of complex female characters, this is the book for you. Set on the Island of Jeju Korea, The Island of Sea Women is centered around the lives of the haenyeo, women deep sea divers, who venture into the sea without oxygen masks to harvest the ocean and provide for their families. This is a story of strength, family, heartbreak, and hope. See’s beautifully crafted language transports readers into the culture of the haenyeo, revealing their immense strength and unwavering connection to the sea. This book makes you want to sit by the beach, smell the salty air and listen to the power of the water. Without a doubt, our book club is better for having read this book!

Beautiful Words

"The sea, it is said, is like a mother. The salt water, the pulse and surges of the current, the magnified beat of your heart, and the muffled sounds reverberating through the water together recall the womb."

"How different it is with friendship. No one picks a friend for us; we come together by choice. We are not tied together through ceremony or the responsibility to create a son; we tie ourselves together through moments."

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