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Book Club Reflections
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Where the Crawdad’s Sing, the debut novel, by by Delia Owens was Maida’s pick all the way back in Sept of 2018. At the time, Maida knew relatively little about this book, except that it was a Reece Book Club pick, it was getting great reviews, and that her mom loved it!

Now many readers have either read or heard lots about Where the Crawdads Sing, especially readers on bookstagram. So, instead of repeating what everyone else has already said, we wanted to focus on our how much our book club enjoyed talking about this book.

We talked for hours about:
• the endearing, tough, and tender characters of Kya and Tate
• how the coming of age storyline was both heartbreaking and hopeful
• how the setting in this book, particularly the swamp, was described so clearly that it felt as if was another character, & of course we talked about
• how the beautifully written prose hooked us into the story from the very first page

This book is the epitome of a great book club pick because there is so much room for conversation.

Beautiful Words

"Time is no more fixed than the stars. Time speeds and bends around planets and suns, is different in the mountains than in the valleys, and is part of the same fabric as space, which curves and swells as does the sea."

"Love must be free to wander, to land upon its chosen shore and breathe."

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