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Book Club Reflections
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Laurie Frankel is the master of creating the most beautifully unique and wholly authentic cast of characters.

In Frankel’s latest book, One Two Three, 16 year old triplets, Mab, Monday, and Mirabel each narrate sequential chapters, providing their own unique observations and perspectives about the ongoings of their small town.

Here’s the gist: 17 years ago, something happened (purposely being vague here!) in the small town of Bourne that caused its citizens physical harm, birth defects, and in some cases, even death. As a result, the triplets’ mother, Nora, is on mission to seek retribution for the damage caused to their town.
Our bookmark questions lead us into so many great discussions! For this book club we did a deep dive into the characters who stole the show.

Honorable mention: We adored Nora! She is the fierce and protective mama bear who has dedicated her life to her children, the people of Bourne, and fighting for what’s right despite insurmountable odds.

Our book club was split as to whether the “winner” should be Monday or Mirabel! (Sorry Mab 😬)

Monday with her quirks and obsessions (this book is flagged only with yellow tabs in honour of Monday) and Mirabel with her keen observations and insightful understanding, made for two of the most memorable narrators. In our opinion, Monday had some of the funniest scenes whereas Mirabel had the most tender moments in the book. The end result was that you couldn’t have one without the other, and like children, it was impossible to pick a favourite!

This gem of a novel has won our hearts & our book club stamp of approval! ❤️

Beautiful Words

"Mother love is a powerful force. She is so essentially a part of me - like a limb, an organ -that maybe without her, I will simply cease to be."

"We are so much the same -for two people who navigate the world so differently - it is appalling that she could love another and not realize that I would -of course I would - do the same."

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