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Book Club Reflections
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Kate’s pick for our #BWBOOKCLUB was A PLACE FOR US written by debut author Fatima Farheen Mirza and was a Sarah Jessica Parker book club pick from a few years ago.

The book hones in on the complicated dynamics of family; particularly examining parent-child and sibling relationships all while negotiating their personal desires with their religious and cultural beliefs.

We had a great conversation around the interesting and (no doubt) intentional writer’s moves. Specifically, the drastic change in narration in the final segment of the book. So much speculation; so many interesting ideas! 😉

This book is definitely for the introspective reader who enjoys a slow burn 🔥 The characters are unique and flawed, their experiences are tender and heartbreaking, and their futures are full of possibilities and regret.

PS - If you plan to read it, strategically place some tissues nearby!

Beautiful Words

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“ ‘There is another way. Come back, and we will make another path.’ And if he says no, and if he says nothing, will you say this: ‘I used the wrong words. I acted the wrong ways. I will wait, until you are ready. I will always wait for you.’ ”

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