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Book Club Reflections
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The captivating story of Addie Larue is one that stretches across centuries. The chapters, composed of vignettes - snapshots of poignant moments in Addie's life - carry readers through the years of her compelling and unforgettable life.

V.E. Schwab uses language to conceptualize time - the feeling of it slipping away, the desire to preserve it, the to ability to waste it, the need for more of it, and the importance of remembering it. This was a great "Connecting the Dots" topic

The story of Addie Larue makes for amazing book club conversation!

Beautiful Words

"Addie looks out at the ocean, and feels the past fold over the present, like the tides."

"But Addie - Addie was a gift from Estelle, shorter, sharper, the switch-quick name for the girl who rode to markets, and strained to see over roofs, for the one who drew and dreamed of bigger stories, grander worlds, of lives filled with adventure."

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