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Book Club Reflections
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Our June book club book was Deanna’s pick, When We Lost Our Heads by Canadian writer, Heather O’Neill.

If you are familiar with O’Neill’s writing, you know that it is (always) unique, (at times) shocking, and (always) beautifully crafted.

When We Lost Our Heads is a feminist retelling of the French Revolution, but set in Victorian-era Montreal. As a book club, we confirmed that the opening chapter of the novel is quite possibly the best first chapter we’ve ever read!!

This is a story for readers who love larger than life (and morally grey) characters, an unpredictable plot, the absurd, and do not mind sexually provocative scenes.

This book offers so much for readers to talk about from the feminist themes to the grotesque allusions; the animals as symbols to the arms-length narrator.

When We Lost Our Heads is a real work of art!

P.S.- Also, as a book club, we confirmed that we would love for Heather O’Neill to come to dinner with us just so we can meet the woman behind these incredible books!! 💕

Beautiful Words

“Every decent friendship comes with a drop of hatred. But that hatred is like honey in the tea. It makes it addictive.”

“Her words squiggled onto the page like the laces of a girl running for her life with untied boots.”

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