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Book Club Reflections
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Our Beautiful Words book club was awed by the gorgeous prose and sensory language found in @suemonkkidd’s The Book of Longings. Weaving biblical stories and historical findings with plausible imaginings, Kidd crafts the story of Ana, the fictitious wife of Jesus. This story is one of boldness and beauty, giving voice to the “silenced” women of this time.

“A man’s holy of holies contains God’s laws, but inside a woman’s there are only longings.”

The Book of Longings captures the essence of the human spirit, honouring Ana’s passions and potential and her longing to pursue who she was meant to be. As a book club, we valued the relationships among the female characters, particularly between Ana and Yaltha.

Beautiful Words

"What set you apart is the spirit in you that rebels and persists. It isn’t the largeness in you that matters most, it’s your passion to bring it forth."

"And it comes to me that the echoes of my own life will likely die away in that way thunder does. But this life, what a shining thing – it is enough."

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