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Book Club Reflections
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Ah… Book Lovers. We all loved this story! As people who love reading, how could we not love a book with this title?

As always, it was a good time at book club. Good food. Good wine. Good discussion. And, of course, good friends. 🥰

Naturally we talked about the banter. @emilyhenrywrites has firmly established herself as the queen of witty banter if not the queen of romcoms. There were so many laugh out loud moments…

“You're so bad at lying. It looks like your face muscles are being controlled by a half dozen amateur puppeteers.”

One of the questions on our Beach Book bookmark is “Which character would you take for a stroll on the beach?”

What surprised us about our answers was, maybe no one? We loved Nora and Charlie’s banter. They worked so well together. We loved Nora’s relationship with her sister Libby as they worked at finding their way to each other as they continued to deal with their shared grief.

However, we weren’t sure that we would actually like to spend time with any one of them. Although we saw the people behind their tough exterior, we weren’t sure we would actually like them if we met them in person.

We can’t wait for EH’s next book to come out. She is definitely an auto-buy author for us!

Beautiful Words: Book Lovers

“Sometimes, even when you start with the last page and you think you know everything, a book finds a way to surprise you.”

“Life in New York was like being in a giant bookstore: all these trillions of paths and possibilities drawing dreamers into the city's beating heart, saying, I make no promises but I offer many doors.”

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